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    Customer Service is New Marketing

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About Us

Skyward Publishers is one of the leading youngest independent  fast growing academic publishing and distributing company with a team of professionals aims to bring out quality academic books affordable to students and to carve a niche in education industry for both quality and content. Our motto is customer service and needless to say now a day's customer service is the new marketing. We are proud to bring one stop solution for education industry offering services in DTP and design, stationery, library supplies of children, general books, journals fiction and nonfiction books in addition to academic books and services of providing furniture and interior design to educational institution. We are also offering software solutions to educational industry.

By providing all the services mentioned above we strive to bring skyward publishers become renowned recognized for providing best services.

"Customer Service is the New Marketing"


Our Vision

Encourage Analytical, Independent, Rational Thinking and Enhance Problem Solving Skills of The Students and Become one of the Leading Academic Publisher in the Educational Industry.


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Received Memento representing Token of appreciation for participating in book exhibition at Soundarya College of Commerce and Management.

Token of Appreciation

Fest in Vijaya Evening College from 10th to 14 th feb 2016


News & Updates

  • The Titles Which are releasing are: 1. Engg. Chemistry 2. Elements of Mechanical Engineering 3. Elements of Civil Engineering 4. Programming Using C & Datastructures 5.Engg. Physics 6. Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering 7. Indian Constitution & Human Rights 8. Environmental Studies 9. Engineering Mathematics
  • Fest between 10th and 14th May 2016
  • Alumni meet betweet 17April to 15May